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for my bff

thank you to all of those visiting our booth during the Hawkins House Christmas Market!!

 we're working on saving the planet one pet bed at a time by deploying the 3 R's, reduce recycle reuse  (sidenote: add upcycle)

The bed that you are now holding comes from a place in the heart reserved to celebrate the relationship we humans have with our pets.
From the materials used, to the manufacturing process, to the 10% of profits that are donated to area animal rescue shelters, this product is designed to give back to the environment, the community, and your pet, with the same devotion that your best furry friend shows you.
It is the hope of all of us here at For My BFF that your pet will enjoy their new bed just as much as they enjoy curling up in your lap after a long walk in the park or whiling away the hours in a sunlit corner of the house.

Lastly, we strive to create one of a kind beds from found & scavenged materials to provide you with choice while delivering on your pet's needs, your needs as a pet owner, and taking into consideration the needs of the planet. It's a challenge to be sure but one we willingly and cheerfully welcome.
Warmest regards,

Kim Barrington
For My BFF
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