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for my bff pet beds and the materials we use are chosen for their uniqueness as well as their durability and friendliness to the environment.

Born out of the desire to make a bed pets will use because they love it, for my bff is also part of a personal mission to create jobs for our community and finally to spare the environment of mounds of textiles heaped into landfills by upcycling them into pet beds or by using those materials that displace petroleum in their base with soy and/or by using materials that are recycled from plastic bottles, or plastic shopping bags etc etc etc. 

We may not be able to hit every requirement we have set for ourselves every time but as the song says, one out of three ain't bad. For me, as for my bff's founder, I've set a goal of hitting all the requirements all the time in no less than five years, starting now, November 2017 (if we are so fortunate to have survived to five years). 

Built on the love and support we get from our best furry friends, for my bff intends to pay that love and support forward out into the community and beyond. We can't do that without you and your pet though, so won't you please join us, currently myself and my daughter, Bronwyn, as we go forward on this journey.

Call us, me, Kim, with any questions you have about our products at 314-918-0201. Soon we will be putting product up on Etsy so you can also order online if that is your preference.  For us, for now, it will be the most efficient vehicle for getting our one of a kind pet beds out to you besides whatever craft shows we will be in.  Check back soon, and often to be updated about our show schedules or where else you can find us and thank you!

For My Bff, aka the kimbro agency is located at:

2918 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118
phone: 314-019-0201  email: kim (at)
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