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trend forecasting for consumer product goods manufacturers and retailers since 1996

Did you know that pet supplies as a category is trending up and has been for over a decade, even during the most recessionary times?  Seems there is nothing too good for our pets.

Do you know why?

Do you know where you will be shopping three years from now and how?  Would you like to know the answers to these kinds of questions and more so you can create your go to market strategy with more confidence in its results?

Let the Trendsights team pull together the information that you will need to make those important decisions and more.  Rely on expertise from over three decades of working with the largest retailers and manufacturers in the world on their product programs in home, home office, stationery, back to school, back to college, housewares, home dec, craft, fashion and pets.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others...

Contact kim (at) to learn what we can do for your organization today.  Or call 314-918-0201 to order your customized trend report that will set you up for the next 4-5 years. 
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