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the Kimbro agency...strategies to grow by

the kimbro agency, parent company of For My BFF, has been building businesses for retailers and manufacturers for more than two decades using strategy as a cornerstone for how we recommend positioning and vision based on part intuition and part research for what products to develop to address specific markets.  

Maintaining our positive approach to industry, today we are thrilled to call St. Louis our home and to be putting our own resources into new and exciting growth industries.

"Nothing remains the same, on that we can rely." All we can do then is be prepared for change by looking ahead to where we want to be a few years from now.  Barring a  tusanmi, which nowadays can happen (we call them black swan events), we can get you to where you want to be and in a relatively short period of time.

Contact kim (at) to learn how we may be of service for your next initiative. Ready when you are!
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